Delivery Information

Delivery fee

Delivery fee varies depending on the destination country and weight of the order.

Region 1Macau, Taiwan, Hong Kong
Region 2Korea, Korea, Japan
Region 3Philippines, Cambodia, Malaysia, Mongolia, Thailand, Singapore, Indonesia, Vietnam
Region 4Australia, Papua New Guinea, New Zealand
Region 5USA
Region 6Ireland, Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Germany, France, Finland, Netherlands, Canada, Luxembourg, Malta, South Africa, Norway, Portugal, Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Greece, Italy, UK
Region 7Pakistan, Laos, Bangladesh, Nepal, Sri Lanka, Turkey, India
Region 8Argentina, the United Arab Emirates, Panama, Brazil, Belarus, Poland, Russia, Colombia, Cuba, Guyana, Czech Republic, Peru, Mexico, Ukraine, Hungary, Israel, Jordan, Lebanon
Region 9Oman, Egypt, Ethiopia, Azerbaijan, Estonia, Bahrain, Bulgaria, Botswana, Burkina Faso, Congo (Brussels), Congo (DRC), Kazakhstan, Djibouti, Guinea, Ghana, Gabon, Qatar, Cayman Islands, Côte d'Ivoire
Order Policy (All Orders)

Customers should be aware of the following when placing their order:

At check-out customers are required to check a box indicating that they have read, adhere to, and understand Vapepi store policies.

When placing an order all items will be shipped together. We can NOT split up orders! Please do not ask us to ship your in-stock items out before your pre-order items have arrived. If there are both in stock and pre-order items in a single order, the customer's in stock items will be held until the pre-order items have arrived and are ready to ship. It's recommended that customers order their pre-order items separately from their in stock items if they want their in stock items shipped right away.

The same policy applies to orders containing pre-orders from multiple brands. If some of your pre-orders have arrive, and some have not, we will not split up your order and mail out the items that are here. All items must be in-hand before we will mail out an order.

Any questions that a customer may have about a product or policy should be asked before they place their order. Answers to frequently asked questions can be found at the FAQ's page. For answers to questions that can not be found there please email us.

Shipping Price Adjustment

The shipping quote you are given at check-out is an estimate, there is a chance that shipping may need to be adjusted after you have submitted your order. This will primarily happen to long layaway orders, or pre-orders. The main reasons for a shipping price adjustment are:

Shipping companies usually adjust their rates a couple of times a year, if shipping rates have changed after your order was placed, then we might contact you with an updated rate. Example; you placed a 5 month layaway order, 2 months later FedEx announces a rate increase, this would likely affect your shipping rate.We don't know the exact weight of a new doll + the packaging it will ship out in, so we have to guess as to what the weight will be when we list a new doll for sale on our site. We are usually fairly accurate, but occasionally we underestimate how heavy a doll will be, or even if it needs multiple boxes for shipment, (this happens sometimes with limited edition dolls that include lots of parts; wings, extra limbs, etc.). If you place a pre-order for a newly released doll, and we underestimated it's weight when we listed it, then you might be contacted with the new rate. 

It is unlikely that your shipping rate will change after your order is submitted, but there is a chance of it happening, so please be aware that small additional shipping fee is possible. Conversely, if we have overestimated your shipping rate we will contact you with a partial refund.


Orders can be canceled so long as the order has not yet shipped. There is a 5% cancellation fee if an order is canceled after we have already charged payment. If the payment has not yet been charged then there is no cancellation fee. Cancellation fees are waved if we offer a cancellation to the customer due to an error on our part, or the BJD manufacturer. Orders containing a pre-ordered item can only be canceled or altered if the order has not been submitted to the BJD company. If the pre-order item has been submitted to the BJD company then it can not be canceled.Before you canceled the order,please contact us to confirmed .


Sales of electronic cigarette and related merchandise are final.

If there is a problem with your order, (items arrived damaged or we made a mistake with your order), please contact us right away so that we may resolve the problem. If you have received a package with damage you must contact us within 7 days of receiving it in order to acquire a free replacement part. Once 7 days have passed any replacement parts needed will be at the expense of the customer. 

If you received the wrong item, please contact us within 7 days of receiving your order. Your item will need to be returned to us with original packaging, and we will then ship out the correct item. You will be reimbursed for the cost to ship the incorrect item back to us.

Email us for returns or damage claims. Please do NOT mail back your order before contacting us!

Refusal of Service

Vapepi, Inc reserves the right to refuse to sell to, or cancel the order of, any individual for any of the following reasons: Fraud concerns. Whether the concern is caused by the individual, the individual's location, or payment method. Customer's refusal to accept Vapepi, Inc's Store Policies. Customer's failure to pay for a previous order and not communicating with Vapepi, Inc to cancel the order. Customer's who have previously contacted Vapepi, Inc and have been offensive, insulting, coarse, or threatening.